The Department “Theoretical Basis of Heat Transfer”

    The Department “Theoretical Basis of Heat Transfer” deals with undergraduate and postgraduate students for research and design activity in the heat and mass transfer area, thermal protection of power systems and sets, thermophysical properties of special and composite materials.
Aspects of the heat transfer course cover the basic theory and applications relevant to engines of different types, processes and heat exchangers. The knowledge of all thermodynamic processes in power engineering systems is believed to be necessary for a processing advanced engineer, in order that he really may choose the most advantageous, economical and ecological systems.
The program of the course deals with processes and equipment, which make it possible to change the state, energy contents, chemical or physical component or vary materials.

Core course components

The department has a comprehensive range of up-to-date thermodynamic laboratories for all the courses and computer facilities.

Directions of researching activity:


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