The Piston Engines Department

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The chief of department: Dr. Sci.(Eng.), Prof. Ivashchenko N.A.

The Piston Engines Department trains specialists on design and investigation of engines of new origin. The Depertment is equipped by computer facilities, has modern laboratory, carries out active communications with an industry making engines. Fundamental scientific level of development of the conducting experts of department has allowed it to get high reputation in the branch.

Collectives of the experts working in department have developed and continue perfection of the special applied software used as in an industry and in educational process.

The Department has a comprehensive range of up-to-date laboratories and computing facilities, is an active Department with the manufacturing industry of engines. In the field of engine structures the Department has a world-wide reputation for the analysis and design of Internal Combustion Engines. The graduates of the Department have a deep knowledge both in theory and in practice.

Course content:

Directions of researching activity:

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   Dr. Sci.(Eng.), Prof.  N.A. Ivashchenko           E-mail
Development of software packages for CAD and automated test systems of internal combustion engines
Chainov.jpg (1956 bytes)    Dr. Sci.(Eng.), Prof. N.D. Chaynov 
Development of calculation and experimental methods for investigation into thermal stress of parts of highly augmented diesels 
kavtarad.jpg (6502 bytes)  Dr. Sci.(Eng.), Prof.  R.Z. Kavtaradze             E-mail
Investigation into unsteady convective and radiation heat transfer in piston engines cylinders
grishin.jpg (3641 bytes)    Dr. Sci.(Eng.), Prof. Yu.A. Grishin                              E-mail
Simulation of non-steady  flow in a gas-air path of engines, turbines, compressors, etc
grekhov.jpg (8616 bytes)     Dr. Sci.(Eng.), Prof.  L.V. Grekhov                           E-mail
Development and investigation of new fuel supply schemes for perspective engines
  Ph. D.(Eng.) V.I. Ivin
Development of simulation methods for processes in multicylinder engines
mednov.jpg (4311 bytes)   Ph. D.(Eng.) A.A. Mednov
Simulation of working media unsteady flow in engines cylinders 
putincev.jpg (2514 bytes)    Dr. Sci.(Eng.), Prof.  S.V. Putintsev                  E-mail
Development of methods for tribotechnical design and tribotechnical optimization of parts in engines cylinder-piston sets

  Ph. D.(Eng.) A.S. Kuleshov                                 E-mail
Mathematical modeling and computer optimizing of working processes in the combined internal combustion engines
maslov.jpg (10720 bytes)   Ph. D.(Eng.)  Yu.L. Maslov
Development and investigation of utilization of renewable and waste energy by piston engines
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  Ph. D.(Eng.) V.P. Strelkov
Development and investigation of free-piston power plants

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