Moscow State Technical University

Power Engineering Faculty

From its very outset the Faculty has pursued the dual purpose of teaching students and carrying out research, its courses providing a carefully integrated program of theoretical and practical instruction on a college and individual basis.
At present the Faculty offers to its students and postgraduate students the following directions of education:

The Dean of the Faculty and Vice Rector of Division of Science and Education is doctor Surovtsev I.G. Each speciality is supervised by a prominent Russian scientist (professors - N.A.Ivashchenko , A.I.Leontiev, A.M.Arkharov, K.Y.Demekhov, V.I.Solonin, S.D.Grishin, S.V.Belov, I.S.Shumilov et al.) and has highly skilled lecturers and individual teachers of research personnel, having professional and scientific qualifications. All the courses comprise flexible programs and are in regular contact with outside bodies and professional organizations, benefiting their students with all sorts of educational facilities and up-to-date equipment.
The Faculty numbering more than 2000 undergraduate and 180 postgraduate students, together with 280 reseach workers and 750 technicians has good traditions in teaching specialists for space industry. In the field of power engineering the Faculty has a world-wide reputation for analysis and design of large scale power plants and sets, energy converters using liquids, gases, plasmas as active media. The Faculty has laboratories and research departments well equipped in all branches of power engineering and the center of numerical modeling. The subjects of current research interest and teaching outlined below indicate a diversity of activity ranging from investigation into fundamental phenomena through mathematical modeling and computer simulation to industry-relevant research and development.
Several scientific schools are now working at the Power Machinery Faculty of Bauman MSTU, these are professor V.M.Polyaev's school, the school headed by Academician A.I.Leontiev and the Hydraulic Machinery school, founded by professor I.I.Kukolevsky being guided at present by professor I.S.Shumilov.

Scientific Resourses:

The Faculty is ideally placed. Through its numerous industrial and research institutes contacts established as a result of the successful use of an industrial and scientific experience in the undergraduate courses the faculty proceeds the research and tea ching activity.